A set of music videos which emulate the experience of live music visuals.


I wanted to create a set of music videos which accompany and enhance the viewers listening experience.

This was done by mimicking some of the key elements from live events and the arrangements of the lighting.


Withered is the first of a set of four videos which explore the relationship between music and visuals.

And how these two things together can create a new more immersive experience.  


Organic was the third video created.

Another simple design to accompany the song it revolved around to central parts spinning in unison.

Later changing into a simple Op Art patter which warps with the song.


Digital Sight was the last video I created.

Taking inspiration from the fast relentless drum beat the visuals try to mimic the quick snare and hats with flashes of white.

The video is black and white to allow for the textures to show through and to not have too much visual noise accompanying the song.